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The Real Roach

Name: R. Balboa
Location: My heart inhabits the 7,107 or so islands of the Philippines, my blood spans the Estados Unidos. [I was born in La Montañosa. My maternal great grandfather, Antonino (He had 5 wives!), was co-founder and first mayor of my hometown Luna in Apayao, according to my old maternal uncle, Atty. Jose Barroga... blah blah blah!]
Face/Ethnicity: Tiger look/PURE Filipino
Age: Ageless    Okay, 20s!
Marital Status: That's too confidential.
Computers: Logarithms and silicons or... my brain (My NCEE was rated by Metro Manila powers that be @ the 98th percentile. Ahem.)
Positions held: VP then President of the National Association of Associated Associations
Hobbies: Picking my n*se, testing how far I can flick a b**ger, etc.
Favorite and Despised Authors: Lualhati Bautista, Warren Murphy, Dr. Margie Holmes, Louise Anne Yamanaka, etc.
Musicians: Martin Nievera, Kuh (Ledesma), Diomedes Maturan, Asin, Eraserheads, young Whitney, Enrique Iglesias (Solo en Ti), Lesley Garrett, Jacky Cheung and Regine Velasquez.
Quote: Pruebame.

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Yeah, this is Roach's thumbnail!  Now you know my face. Since
you've seen mine, you gotta show yours, too.
I was about to display my naked body
but Tripod wouldn't allow that.
Besides, I shall not
bring "dishonor"
upon Mt.



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