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All of these poems (They're all mine!) were published in US newspapers and magazines, sometimes under varied pseudonyms.  Most are haiku right-aligned for visual effect.  I may have to upload my real poems soon, including an award-winning one.  And short stories?  Possibly, if not passively.  (Tip: You don't have to count up to 17 syllables for a modern English haiku.)


Journey to Mt. Ngato

Swim through the wide, deep ocean,
Ride waves on its breasts - so stormy...
Anchor the ship now - here's sand,
On land goes Mt. Ngato journey.

Let the weighty boots advance
Through the old rocks and grasses which dance
Never throw the kit away,
Mt. Ngato is still miles away.

The birds, the trees and the morning breeze -
From them let sweet notes flow
As gold rays kiss the slope
That leads to the peak of Mt. Ngato!


predawn moon
timeless melody
of cool wind

foggy valley-
below lakatan fronds
crying fledgling

more clouds
no more cloud

shower's gone
half of large palm trunk
remains dry

from mango branchlets
the bird alights
on a carabao's horn

the sun has gone far
where the mountains meet
the reddish heavens

twinkling - big and not
city lights in the distance
full moon above all


Thief's Trinkets

If you know whose quotes the following are, please let me know so I can give due credits.  I think the first one comes from a Filipino-operated website.  Can't comprehend the second one?  Let your Pinoy friend translate it for you.  I promise, you'll encounter one of the most romantic languages on the Green Planet.

People facing death don't think about what degrees they have earned, what positions they have held or how much wealth they have accumulated. At the end, what really matters - and is a good measure of a past life - is who you loved and who loved you. The circle of love is everything.  

Kahit na ilang tinik ay kaya kong tapakan kung 'yan ang paraan upang landas mo'y masundan.  Kahit ilang awit ay aking aawitin hanggang ang himig ko'y maging himig mo na rin.

If anything - basi, babai, bronse and bagyo - can stop a mannurat from doing his work, then he is not a mannurat.



Medical insiders claim that laughter soothes arthritis and headache sufferers.  Besides, good humor translates to fun. (Share me/us more jokes, okay?  Originals preferred.)  


The Spellers
(This reportedly occurred on September 8, 1999.)

Net Chatter 1: Why do you shun military men on AOL?
Net Chatter 2: They're not my type.
Net Chatter 1: Didn't you know that those who became US presidents had served in the military?
Net Chatter 2: Not hot Bill.  Hey, I tried to search AOL Member Directory using the words "male" +"millitary" and saw over 100 matching profiles!  They spelt "military" as "millitary" and...
Net Chatter 1: Spelled.
Net Chatter 2: Spelt.
Net Chatter 1: Spelled!
Net Chatter 2: Spelt!

(Who's the author of this?  Please let me know if you want a special mention.)

A first grade teacher collected well-known proverbs. She gave each child in her class the first half of a proverb, and had them come up with the rest:

    Better to be safe than ---------------- punch a 5th grader.
    Never underestimate the power of ----- termites.
    It's always darkest before ------------- daylight savings time.
    If you lie down with dogs, you'll -------- stink in the morning.
    No news is ---------------------------- impossible.
    Don't bite the hand that --------------- looks dirty.
    Love all, trust ------------------------- me.
    The pen is mightier than the ----------- pigs.
    You can lead a horse to water but ----- how?
    An idle mind is ------------------------ the best way to relax.
    Happy the bride who ------------------ gets all the presents.
    A penny saved is ---------------------- not much.
    Two's company, three's --------------- the Musketeers.
    Strike while the ----------------------- bug is close.
    A miss is as good as a ----------------- Mr.
    Children should be seen and not ------- spanked or grounded.
    You get out of something what you ---- see pictured on the box.
    When the blind leadeth the blind, ------ get out of the way.
    Don't put off till tomorrow what -------- you put on to go to bed.
    Where there's smoke there's ----------- pollution.

Try exploring these kewl humor links (Stop sending nasty e-mail. View them at your own risk as some stuff construed to be offensive may be present.):


Jokes (and the Best Riddles)


Miscellaneous Trivia

Filipino Culinary Glossary

adidas   =  chicken feet

helmet   =  chicken head

IUD       =  chicken entrails

walkman =  pig's ear

You may be Ilokano If
(Inspired by Noel Tamayo's "You're Ilokano If")

You have large, round eyes.

Your skin is neither pale nor dark, the color of a healthy mahogany tree.

You sport a nickname with one of these suffixes: ang, ing, ong.  Ex. Mayyang, Timoting, Bongbong.

Your caldereta has to be calding (goat meat), not beef.

Your yard has tarong (eggplant) or paria (bittermelon) for your stinky yet irresistible dish called pinakbet (mix of steamed Filipino veggies).

You are frugal.

Your cousin is in the US Navy or works as a nurse in the States.

You have relatives in Hawaii.

You summon friends with "Hoy!  Pssst!" and you always understand what they mean with "'tay kua" (thingamajig).

You read the Bannawag Magazine.


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